01 December, 2014
Phoenix, Arizona

B2B Multichannel Summit

The Industry’s Premier Event For B2B Marketing & eCommerce Excellence

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  • About B2B Multichannel:

    B2B Multichannel is the premier online and multi-channel B2B marketing conference dedicated to supporting the growth of the industry by facilitating high-level networking opportunities and providing leading industry knowledge.

    B2B Multichannel brings together 200+ senior-level marketing professionals from across the B2B arena to find solutions for their top challenges.

    What Was Covered At B2B Multichannel 2013:

    B2B Multichannel is a new event brought to you by the creators of eTail! It was created for one reason and one reason only - to help YOU increase your ROI and tell your company's brand story to its key prospects and customers!

    At B2B Multichannel 2013 marketing professionals discussed:

    • Tying marketing metrics to real revenue. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to secure C-level support and budget for your marketing automation initiatives without showing that you’re going to make a real difference to the bottom line.
    • Improving content development and lead nurturing processes. Marketers know that in order to close deals, you need to start a conversation with your customer. Marketing executives like you need to strengthen lead generation efforts by aligning marketing and sales teams.
    • Ways to ramp up and improve B2B eCommerce strategy. A lot of marketers are looking to figure out what the key considerations are before their first step into eCommerce. You want to get that right the first time and the best way to do that is from listening to where other people fell short their first time around.
    Download The 2013 AgendaAbout B2B Multichannel

    Our 2013 Speakers Included

    • Andy Hoar

      Andy Hoar

      Senior Analyst, eBusiness & Channel Strategy Forrester Research
    • Jim Ruszala

      Jim Ruszala

      Senior Director of Marketing Maritz Travel Company
    • Megan Lueders

      Megan Lueders

      Vice President, Worldwide Marketing LifeSize, a division of Logitech
    • Phillip Krohn

      Phillip Krohn

      Vice President of Sales and Marketing West Corporation