02 - 03 December, 2014
Alexandria, VA

Defense Logistics 2014 Conference

Since 2001, The Defense Logistics Mission Remains The Same: Supporting The Warfighter Through A Synchronized Joint-Force Supply Chain

Defense Logistics 2013 Was Focused On:

  • Budget Impact on the Future of Defense Logistics
  • Equipping & Sustaining the Force in a Transitioning Budget Environment
  • Achieving Higher Efficiencies & Lower Costs
  • Maintenance, Sustainment & Obsolescence
  • Innovations in Supply Chain Technology
  • Readiness Analysis & Strategy
  • Big Data Management & Data Sharing
  • Logistics Operations and Support
  • Performance Based Logistics & Better Buying Power 2.0
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Asset Management/In-Transit Visibility Solutions
  • State of Knowledge Management in DoD

About Defense Logistics

Running since 2001, The Defense Logistics training event has become a set date on the calendars of hundreds of logisticians and has proven to be an influential forum of great logistics minds in the U.S. There has never been a more urgent time for you to join your fellow logisticians across the services, agencies and in the private sector to ensure that our logistics capabilities are the best they can be. As a nation at war, we must continue to be efficient in logistics to maintain the effectiveness of our Force – to provide the right materials at the right time and in the right place.

“As far as budget cuts, the Coast Guard is seeing some of the same things, on a much smaller scale, than DoD. I think that makes it even more incumbent on us to be at an event like Defense Logistics to continue to develop those partnerships with our DoD sister services and with the Interagency, to really, truly understand what capabilities they can provide, and leverage that where possible to ensure that we’re not going to duplicate – none of us can afford to do that, particularly in the budget environment we are in.”
- Rear Admiral Gromlich, Director of Operational Logistics at the US Coast Guard

Why Attend A WBR Training Event

The WBR live training model will allow you to build your network with your peers and the exchange of business knowledge and best practices. If you would care to share your priority issues and key expectations for your service organization thru 2012, we’ll undertake to introduce you to peers onsite who are working towards similar outcomes and have successes to share in the same areas.

2013 Featured Speakers Included:

  • speaker_default

    Lieutenant General Christopher C. Bogdan

    Program Executive OfficerF-35 Lightning II Joint Program Office
  • speaker_default

    Vice Admiral Mark D. Harnitchek

    DirectorDefense Logistics Agency
  • LtGenFaulkner

    Lt. General William M. Faulkner

    Deputy Commandant, Installations and LogisticsUnited States Marine Corps
  • annamarie_bermundo(1)

    Rear Admiral Thomas W. Jones

    Director of Operational LogisticsU.S. Coast Guard

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