February 17 - 20, 2015
JW Marriott Palm Desert Resort & Spa, Palm Desert, California

Day 2: Main Conference

Retail Innovation And Digital Experiences - We are currently developing the program for eTail West 2015. As a courtesy, we’re providing our most recent agenda. Request an outline for the 2015 agenda! Email us at etail@wbresearch.com.

8:00 Registration & Networking Breakfast Inside The Solution Zone
Registration & Networking Breakfast Inside The Solution Zone
8:40 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
Robert Cell, CEO, MyBuys
Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Robert Cell
CEO, MyBuys

Robert Cell is an expert in retail, advertising, and consumer products. Most recently, Robert was Chief Executive Officer of AdSpace Networks, where he led the company through rapid growth and strategic restructuring to focus on becoming a mall advertising network while also growing, and subsequently, divesting its CoolSign video merchandising enterprise business. Under his leadership as Chief Ope [read more]
8:55 Keynote Panel Discussion: Innovator’s Panel: Framing The Digital Organization Of The Future
Manish Chandra, CEO / Founder, Poshmark
Andy Fox, CEO, Kitsylane
Daniel Wallace, CEO and Co-Founder, Nutraclick
Judy Hsieh, VP, Product and Digital Marketing, Nastygal.com
Sean Flannagan, VP Product, Wanelo
Kobie Fuller, Principal, Accel Partners
Evan Schwartz, CEO, ActionX
Part of eTail’s mission is to showcase fresh and new companies that are game changers; i.e. retail disruptors. This panel presents transformative high-growth companies that have amazing stories to share, including how and why they’ve achieved success, a break down of their business models, and how they are competing despite operating in a commodity driven environment. Nastygal is an online fashion retail empire that began as an eBay vintage store, and transitioned into a $240 million company in just seven years. Wanelo is a social platform used by millions of people to discover and purchase products they love. Kitsy Lane is made up by a community of boutique owners who sell accessories and jewelry via their platform. And finally Poshmark, they are mobile first in every way. Since their launch, they are on track to see 10X revenue growth year-over-year in 2013. Want to see the next set of companies shaping the face of retail? Attend this opening keynote session. They’ll debate:

  • How do you view today’s retail landscape in terms of growth opportunities?
  • What has enabled you to have the success that you’ve had to date?
  • What will allow you to succeed in the long-run?
  • What areas are you approaching differently as a start-up – what were you able to approach differently and reinvent vs. looking at more traditional ways?
  • What shifts and changes in consumer behavior are you tapping into?
  • How are you thinking about technology? Are you engaging in more “cutting edge” technology (or are you playing more in the middle)?
  • Do you consider yourself a marketing or a technology company?
Manish  Chandra

Manish Chandra
CEO / Founder, Poshmark

Manish Chandra is the founder and CEO of Poshmark, the leading mobile marketplace for fashion which makes it simple and fun for anyone to shop the most fashionable closets across the country and sell directly from their own. Core to the Poshmark experience are Posh Parties, which are themed, real-time shopping events where people gather to shop, share, and sell fashion right from their phones. Pos [read more]
Andy  Fox

Andy Fox
CEO, Kitsylane

Andy Fox is an entrepreneur and technologist with over 20 years of experience building and managing technology-enabled companies. Andy founded Northeast Telecommunications, a voice processing services business which was purchased by Phoenix Media. Building on his experience in voice processing, he founded Technically Speaking Inc., which enabled companies to rapidly build their own self-service vo [read more]
Daniel Wallace

Daniel Wallace
CEO and Co-Founder, Nutraclick

NutraClick is a technology-driven health and wellness products company committed to enriching consumers' lives. The company’s award-winning brands include Force Factor, Peak Life, Stages of Beauty, Bona Clara, Femme Factor, and ProbioSlim. Headquartered in Boston, NutraClick leverages the power of online marketing to drive multi-channel demand. A collegiate rower, Daniel Wallace and a former teamm [read more]
Judy  Hsieh

Judy Hsieh
VP, Product and Digital Marketing, Nastygal.com

Judy is the VP of Product & Digital Marketing at Nasty Gal, where she and her team focus on customer acquisition, customer engagement, user experience, product management and international expansion. Nasty Gal is a global online destination for fashion-forward, free-thinking girls. The company is the brainchild of Sophia Amoruso who started the company in 2006 on eBay selling one-o [read more]
Sean  Flannagan

Sean Flannagan
VP Product, Wanelo

Sean Flannagan is the VP of Product Development at Wanelo, an online community for all of the world’s shopping. Sean leads the development and design of features, driving innovations that support Wanelo's mission to democratize and transform commerce by reorganizing shopping around people.Prior to joining Wanelo, Sean was a product lead at Etsy, where he built features to drive discovery, growth a [read more]
Kobie Fuller

Kobie Fuller
Principal, Accel Partners

Kobie joined Accel with more than 10 years of experience in funding and building software companies, and adds highly specialized marketing technology expertise to the investment team. At Accel he helps identify and work with entrepreneurs who are building category-defining companies. Prior to Accel, Kobie spent two years as the Chief Marketing Officer of REVOLVEclothing, a lea [read more]

Evan Schwartz
CEO, ActionX

Evan Schwartz is the CEO and founder of ActionX, the leading mobile customer acquisition and retargeting platform. Prior to founding ActionX, Evan was the CEO and co-founder of Thumbplay where he acquired more than 5 million mobile customers for the mobile entertainment service and sold the business to Clear Channel in 2011. Evan was SVP of Online for Columbia House and part of the start-up team a [read more]
9:45 Keynote: Send a Blast, Kill a Hamster
Loren McDonald, VP Industry Relations, Silverpop
Pound. Pound. Pound. Are you still treading on the hamster wheel of marketing by primarily just sending more and more one-size-fits-all messages, hoping they’ll drive conversions? For most retailers email marketing is their number 1 or 2 means of driving revenue. Despite this critical role of email, the majority of retailers deploy the channel as if the technology hasn't changed in 10 years. And while broadcast messaging, and even targeting customers via segments, still plays a significant role in your marketing portfolio, now is the time to move to segments of one. To be most successful, you will leverage insight derived from a customer’s behavior to personalize the customer experience and increase conversions and revenue. Will 2014 be the year you take your marketing program to another level and get off the hamster wheel of tired and outdated marketing?In this session, digital marketing expert Loren McDonald of Silverpop will outline several approaches and examples that drive revenue and create a better experience and more rewarding journey for your customers, including:
  • Leveraging pre-opt in Web behavior to personalize messaging during onboarding
  • Moving up the funnel to remarket to browsers who don’t add items to their cart
  • Delivering customer purchase profiles to in-store sales associates when customers walk in to your store
  • Delivering personalized content and offers in real-time via your mobile app
  • Drivinng messaging cadence based on customer engagement levels and purchase history rather than campaign calendars.
Loren McDonald

Loren McDonald
VP Industry Relations, Silverpop

Loren McDonald has 24 years of experience in marketing, consulting and strategic planning. Before joining Silverpop in 2008, he was vice president of corporate communications at Lyris, Inc., and had served as vice president of marketing at EmailLabs. McDonald was founder and president of Intevation, an e-marketing services firm specializing in email and search engine marketing services. He has hel [read more]
10:20 Keynote: Beyond The Numbers: Embracing Customer Centricity In A Big Data World
Kevin Moffitt, VP eCommerce Strategy, Office Depot
eCommerce professionals have access to more data than any other retailers in history. Their sites track millions of sessions, page views, add -to-carts, and store lookups, across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Every day, they receive automated reports about opens, click-throughs, sign-ups, conversions, and dozens of other KPIs. And yet despite their access to all of this rich data (or perhaps because they are overwhelmed by it) they often lose focus on the human beings whose individual actions are summarized in those numbers. In this example-filled presentation, Kevin Moffitt, Office Depot’s Vice President of eCommerce Strategy, shares experiences from his sixteen year career on the web, focusing on the key challenge of finding the right balance between emotion and analysis in designing world-class class customer experiences. Topics include:

  • The current state of personalization in eCommerce, from manual segmentation to rocket-science automated algorithms
  • The use and limitations of A/B testing in website optimization
  • Integration of customer satisfaction and behavioral data into a site’s success criteria
  • The problem of understanding cross-channel behaviors, and their impact on conversion-based KPIs
  • Methods for understanding customers more deeply, including personas, usability testing, and session replays
Kevin Moffitt

Kevin Moffitt
VP eCommerce Strategy, Office Depot

Kevin Moffitt is Vice President, e-Commerce Strategy for Office Depot. Kevin is responsible for the design and capabilities of the Company’s e-Commerce websites to create a world-class online experience for our customers. Kevin has over 16 years experience in eCommerce marketing, usability and business management, including leadership roles at Dillard’s Department Stores, Circuit City Stores, and [read more]
10:50 Keynote: How Men’s Wearhouse Drives Revenue Through Personalized Retailing
Rama Ramakrishnan, Founder and CEO, CQuotient
Adam Harris, Director Innovation, The Men’s Wearhouse
In this session Adam and Rama will discuss Men's Wearhouse's personalized retailing strategy. Specifically, they will describe how Men's Wearhouse has leveraged omnichannel data, combined it with predictive science, and executed email campaigns where the messaging is uniquely tailored to each individual recipient. The speakers will share results, lessons learned and plans for the future.

Rama Ramakrishnan
Founder and CEO, CQuotient

Rama Ramakrishnan is an analytics entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in applying analytics to business problems across a range of industries. He founded CQuotient to transform retailer economics by infusing customer insight systematically into everyday decisions. Prior to CQuotient, Rama taught analytics in the MBA program at MIT Sloan School of Management. Ear [read more]

Adam Harris
Director Innovation, The Men’s Wearhouse

Adam Harris serves as the Director of Innovation at Men’s Wearhouse. In this role, he is responsible for building and leading the Retail Innovation department, focused on defining, developing and implementing clear and simple technology solutions to improve customer experience, increase productivity and ultimately maximize revenue. Adam is currently leading the Omni Chanel Inventory Management ini [read more]
11:25 Pre-Lunch Networking & Refreshment Break Inside The Solution Zone
On your way to grab some refreshments, stop by The eTail Blog Booth in the Solution Zone for our bonus retailer panel discussion! For details on participants and topics to be covered, visit www.etailwest.com. The interactive panel will be hosted by The eTail Blog.
1:10 How To Prevent Fraud From Destroying Your Mobile Ad Spend
Track D: Optimizing Mobile, Tablet & Social Experiences
Jalal Nasir, Founder & CEO, Pixalate
With 1.5 million apps and an estimated 8 billion in US ad spend, mobile growth continues to be explosive. However, with that growth there are some unintended consequences that impact user experience. Last year, the amount of fraudulent advertising on mobile devices was about 38% and for the first time exceeded the amount of fraud happening on the desktop. More importantly, this fraud is being perpetrated by both bots and humans. This creates a very complex problem; and while advertisers want to invest more with their RTB media buys, it becomes difficult to justify when thirty eight cents out of every dollar is wasted on fraud. In this session you will learn about the different types of fraud and how detect and prevent it.

Jalal Nasir
Founder & CEO, Pixalate

Jalal Nasir is the founder and CEO of Pixalate, a leading platform for programmatic media planning, optimization and fraud prevention. Prior to Pixalate, Jalal held software development positions at Microsoft, where he designed a behavioral advertising and analytics platform for MSN; and Amazon, where he worked on building their core backend platform. Jalal also held a variety of leadership roles [read more]
1:25 Lunch And Networking For All Attendees
Lunch And Networking For All Attendees
3:55 Afternoon Networking And Refreshment Break Inside The Solution Zone
Join your fellow retailers in the Solution Zone during the break for your last chance to win fantastic prizes!
4:45 Retailer-Only Think Tanks (Completely Vendor-Free!)
Table 1: Tactics for Online Marketing
Host: Mark Deruyter, Director eCommerce Marketing, Columbia Sportswear

Table 2: M-Commerce Strategies: Responsive Web Design vs. m.websites vs. Mobile Apps
Host: Erick Barney, Director of Brand and Creative Marketing, Motorcycle Superstore

Table 3: Social Media
Host: Nizzi Renaud, VP Marketing, Zazzle.com

Table 4: Boosting Conversion Rates And Enhancing The User Experience Using Video And Imagery
Host: Jason Stutes, Chief Marketing Officer, ShoppersChoice.com

Table 5: CFO Roundtable

After a full day of knowledge-gathering, obtain focused solutions to your challenges in our retailer-led wrap-up sessions. Enjoy quality one on one time with eTail retail speakers in this Retailer-Only roundtable session.
5:30 Conclusion Of Retailer-Only Think Tanks
Conclusion Of Retailer-Only Think Tanks
6:00 The eTail “Taste Of Tequila” Cocktail Reception Hosted By Amazon Payments
There’s more to tequila than Patron. Discover the distinct differences in this agave based alcohol and enjoy delicious local fare while connecting with fellow attendees. Enjoy a tasting of specialty and infused tequilas during this evening reception.