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Sponsorship Opportunities for specialists in E Digital Charts and Software at Geo Martime 2013: The GIS Maritime event

8 Benefits of Sponsoring Geo Maritime 2013

  1. Gain valuable insight about the changes in standards and receive straightforward information from industry stakeholders
  2. Reinforce your brand and thought-leadership shaped around industry standards and the onset of technological requirements
  3. Achieve strategic, technical and operation takeaways for all industry participants which would ordinarily take months to collect
  4. Address an audience of senior decision makers from the military, government and commercial maritime organisations to fully exploit the potential of geospatial information
  5. Understand the top priorities for commerce, government and defence agencies
  6. Strengthen your information sharing and interoperability across Europe and other key industry stakeholders
  7. Showcase your future technologies and solutions in a context of real application
  8. Network with senior representatives and influencial users of geospatial information in the maritime domain and help them overcome their challenges
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About WBR the organisers of Geo Maritime:

Worldwide Business Research (WBR) is an events organiser that brings together over 10,000 senior executives from Fortune 1000 companies attend over 100 annual conferences – a true "Who’s Who" of today’s corporate world.

Spanning a number of industries including defence, energy, GIS/DGI and government, WBR has a successful track-record for enabling attendees to achieve their business objectives, which is why they come back year on year.


"….. The level of focus and attention to detail from DGI 2011 organisers made the event very successful from our perspective and if you are involved in Defence & Intelligence anywhere around the world, I would thoroughly recommend you attend and participate in this event. Steven Ramage, Executive Director, Marketing and Communications, The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)

"The selection of case studies is perfect and delivers a valuable review of the critical geo-information challenges we all face" Lt. Col. Richard Nicklin, EU Military Staff, National Military Expert (Geospatial)

"Enlightening and educational--a huge Bravo Zulu to the organisers and industry who make this happen" William Lingsch, Director, Littoral & Riverine Department, US Navy Oceanographic Office

"I have attended DGI for 5 years, and each year I get a lot of new strategies from users and new technologies from vendors." Geoff Twentyman, Capability Advisor Geospatial Intelligence, DSTL, UK MoD

Who you will meet:

Over 200 senior representatives from Defence, Government and Commercial organisations including IMO, EU, UKHO, and well as delegations from the NATO, Royal Navies, Maritime Safety Administrations and Coast Guard operations with key responsibilities in:

  • Hydrography
  • Data Management
  • Navigations systems
  • Maritime Security /Surveillance
  • Oceanography
  • Meteorology
  • Geospatial Intelligence /Information
  • Surveys /Mapping

A Unique Event, unrivalled opportunities:

  • Geo Maritime 2013 is the only event in the UK for commerce, government and defence stakeholders to jointly and constructively discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the maritime community.
  • Uniquely positioned to facilitate the goals of this industry – interoperability, information sharing and standardisation.
  • From the organisers of well-established DGI – who better to bring you GeoMaritime?

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  • 2 days of strategic, operational and technical insights from leaders in the industry
  • Actionable takeaways on standards implementation, data management and
  • Unlimited networking with key decision makers from your counterparty organisations

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Over last 12 months, the Geo Maritime team has conducted thorough research with the hydrography, bathymetry and maritime surveillance communities. We enlisted the services of some of the leading players in the community to help us make sure that we are delivering the conference to meet the needs of the maritime surveillance community.

The Need for Geo Maritime

With S100, E-Nav and INSPIRE all impacting the maritime sector, the government and commercial sector are under increasing pressure to change technologically in the next 3-5 years.

Add to that the importance of Maritime operations, it has never been more critical to have real time, accurate, rich data in order to make the right decisions surrounding maritime security threats.

But in light of budget cuts, the maritime community need to know:

  • How to do more with less
  • How to work more effectively with industry partners to achieve the same results.

Can you help them to overcome their challenges?

Change in the maritime community is inevitable. At Geo Maritime we will be helping to answer:

  • How organisations can understand and comply with S100, E-NAV and INSPIRE
  • How do we complete the move from paper to digital?
  • How can data be effectively collected, disseminated, stored and shared?
  • Is it possible to break down barriers and current approaches to enable data to be collected once in a format that can be effectively shared between all Maritime Stakeholders?
  • How can data be collected in the most cost efficient way, what technologies can really reduce costs without compromising quality?
  • How can geospatial information capabilities be further advanced in maritime security, surveillance and monitoring operations?
  • How do military and civilian agencies leverage each others geospatial infrastructures?
  • How can organisations realise geospatial information as a key force multiplier?

They will be hearing from thought-leaders including:

  • Captain Robert Ward, Director, IHO
  • Captain Steven Malcolm, UKHO
  • Andre Carcuccio, Unit Head Hydrography, Maritime and Coast Guard Agency

Ensure your services are front-of-mind when by offering your advise and expertise when our audience tackle these questions.