Event Postponed
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  • Event Benefits

    1. Reveal corporate strategies to achieve high performance and operational excellence.
    2. Execute integration of different methodologies to generate sustainability and ensure high performance of the business.
    3. Understand what is the relevance of technology for process standardization and definition of organizational architecture.
    4. Discuss the impact of innovation and how to effectively communicate these results to the organization?

    Advisory Board

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      Alberto Pezeiro

    • speaker_default

      Denis Del Bianco

      Consulting DirectorTOTVS
    • speaker_default

      Leonardo Marinelli

      HR Controlling, Technology & Processes ManagerCLARIANT
    • speaker_default

      Redirley Matheus Santos

      Consultor de Integração de Clientes e CBPPFEDEX
    • speaker_default

      Caetano Jesus

      Sócio-DiretorPER TUTTI BAMBINI