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We are no longer accepting nominations for the HCMG 2013 Awards. If you submitted a nomination and have questions, please contact Lisa Ringlen at 646-200-7468 or lisa.ringlen@wbresearch.com.

To recognize outstanding efforts in advancing and progressing human capital management across the Public Sector, HCMG is proud to unveil its 7th Annual Awards Ceremony. Awards will be given out in the following categories:

CATEGORY 1: Most Innovative Recruitment Program: Recognizing the most innovative program in attracting top talent, implementing an effective recruitment strategy, and demonstrating improvements in the hiring process.

CATEGORY 2: Best Workforce Development Program: Recognizing the best program in advancing opportunities for high performing employees; providing training and competency development to continuously engage and motivate the workforce.

CATEGORY 3: Best Implementation of an Enterprise Technology System: Recognizing the best program implementation of a human resources technology system, aimed at streamlining a specific HR process in order to drive down costs and improve efficiency and productivity.

CATEGORY 4: Best Leadership Development Program: Recognizing the best program focused on training and preparing future leaders, who can develop cutting-edge human capital strategies, communicate effectively, manage performance and lead in a joint environment.

CATEGORY 5: The Public Sector Innovation Award For The 21st Century: Recognizingt program that focuses on innovation in the public sector and meeting government’s most pressing challenges, this award acknowledges innovative yet practical approaches to transforming the way government delivers their services and prepares for the challenges ahead.


The 7th Annual HCMG Awards Judges:
-Mika Cross, Worklife/Wellness Program Manager, US Department of Agriculture
-Todd Fore, Executive Director, US Air Force Personnel Center
-Raymond Limon, Director, Civil Service Human Resources Management, US Department of State
-David Rude, Chief Learning Officer, US Department of Defense
-Russ Shiplet, Operations Services Department, US Navy NUWC-Keyport
-Joyce Orner Stiles, Manpower Requirements Determination, Future Force Project Division, US Coast Guard

Winners Will Be Announced At The 7th Annual HCMG Awards Ceremony To Be Held Wednesday, December 4th, 2013.

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