13 - 15 October, 2014
New York, NY

Q&A with DKNY's Twitter Persona Aliza Licht


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DKNY’s Twitter Persona On How Twitter Has Changed Her Job & The Company

Aliza Licht, SVP, Global Communications at Donna Karan International, is proud to say that she’s the voice leading the brand’s social media success – and for some this was a surprise given her seniority at the company. When she started to really take flight with the Twitter account, she was tapping into a channel that most luxury brands were still unsure about.

Today, with more than 400,000 followers and 40,000 tweets on @dkny, Aliza has proven to her luxury brand peers that social media is not just a fleeting trend. It can generate welcome attention and brand esteem that might take years and much more effort to attract through other channels. Here, she discusses how the company got there, why she thinks social media and Twitter in particular are so important and how she does it all.