13 - 15 October, 2014
New York, NY

Swimwearboutique's Top 7 Strategies for Producing Online Video for Luxury

Nancy Jenkins, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Swimwearboutique.com

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Planning & Producing Oscar-worthy Online Video to Drive Sales of Your Luxury Brand

Nancy Jenkins, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Swimwearboutique.com, believes in online video.

She has lead the company through the execution of a strategy that led to the full integration of video into its online platform. But the company hadn’t always used video to sell its suits. Only recently did Swimwearboutique.com start to utilize video, recognizing how powerful a sales tool it could be to its demographic; a sophisticated female looking for a lifestyle, not just a swimsuit.

The company’s concerted efforts toward fully integrating online video into its ecommerce platform are paying off. After a customer survey through the site, the company found that 70 percent of its online customers said the videos’ influence on their buying decisions were "excellent," and 90 percent said the influence on the buying decision was either good or excellent. Read the full article, including seven priorities for planning your online video production, here.