06 - 08 October, 2014
The Wigwam, Litchfield Park, Phoenix, AZ

Conference Day Three

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Addressing Critical Success Factors For Revenue Optimization

Organizations must prioritize long term mobile strategy to provide the maximum possible return on investment. Instead of focusing on meeting next quarter projections and chasing after mobile, let’s begin to lead the way. What strategy do we have, and how does mobile fit into it? Does mobile make sense for our audience and are they receptive to our message? By proactively asking these questions, we form a picture of how mobile is influencing other channels and how to maximize our investment in the three screen and offline environment. What is ‘good’ mobile ROI for your organization?

Todays focus is also on advancing tactics around mobile web, applications and tablets. Many retailers see more traffic to their HTML5 sites, which are more comfortable given similarities with existing websites. However, a key benefit to apps is speed, along with the ability to take advantage of native capabilities of the device, including Apple’s Passbook, integrated social media and push notifications. The interactivity that apps offer through these features are key contributors to building stronger customer relationships in 2014 and beyond.

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8:30 Breakfast
8:55 Opening Remarks
Ash Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO, TapSense
Gregory Kennedy, VP, Marketing, TapSense
Opening Remarks
Ash Kumar

Ash Kumar
Co-Founder and CEO, TapSense

Ash Kumar is Co-Founder and CEO of TapSense. Prior to TapSense, he held multiple leadership positions at Oracle, including product strategy and business development. Ash is a Master of Science graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and earned a Bachelor of Technology, Electrical Engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. He won the MIT Entrepreneurship Compe [read more]

Gregory Kennedy
VP, Marketing, TapSense

9:05 Opening Keynote: New Mobile World, New Online Search Thinking
Donna Bedford, Global SEO Lead, Lenovo
Lenovo will provide insight into the real mobile search differences in 2013 that produces measurable results online. These new search marketing tactics presented for the multi-screen mobile world can help you increase your traffic, sales, and social sharing as it did for Lenovo worldwide.
Donna Bedford

Donna Bedford
Global SEO Lead, Lenovo

9:40 Panel: From Unknown To Known; Measuring Success In Mobile
Jessica Scheibach, Group Product Manager, Nordstrom Direct
Jill Murray, Senior Digital Analyst, Mobile, Nordstrom Direct
Lance Wills, VP, Engineering & Omnichannel, American Eagle Outfitters
Melissa Matross, Sr. Director, Mobile, HotWire
Michael Goldrich, Director, Digital Marketing, Dolce Hotels & Resorts
Our benchmark is to measure success based on revenue generation but this has become challenging now that we are experimenting with the many moving pieces of mobile (e.g. apps, HTML5, SMS). We cannot simply mimic our desktop strategy and call it mobile as we don’t see the same conversion metrics from the retail mobile user.
  • • Sizing the mobile market and the impact it is having on our business
  • • Tracking the value of our mobile investment
  • • Quantifying mobiles indirect impact and contribution to store and web purchases
  • • What have we discovered so far on this multi channel, multi device journey?
Jessica Sheibach

Jessica Scheibach
Group Product Manager, Nordstrom Direct

Jessica Scheibach manages product strategy and development for Nordstrom’s Inspiration & Discovery group, which includes customer mobile and personalization initiatives. Between 2010 and 2012, Jessica oversaw IMDb’s award-winning iOS apps and mobile web products. Prior to leading product development at Seattle startups Jobster and Evri from 200 [read more]
Jill Murray

Jill Murray
Senior Digital Analyst, Mobile, Nordstrom Direct

Jill Murray is a Senior Mobile Analyst on the Digital Analytics team for Nordstrom, where she leads the analysis of consumer behavior on Nordstrom’s mobile site, iPad App, iPhone App and Android App. She also owns the analysis of Nordstrom’s OLOP (On Line Off Price) strategy, which includes the Nordstrom Rack business. Currently, Jill is building a model for m [read more]

Lance Wills
VP, Engineering & Omnichannel, American Eagle Outfitters

Melissa Matross

Melissa Matross
Sr. Director, Mobile, HotWire

michael golrich2

Michael Goldrich
Director, Digital Marketing, Dolce Hotels & Resorts

10:25 Presentation: Developing A Suite Of Apps To Create More Impactful Experiences
Jeff Klonowski, Senior Manager, Digital Retail - Mobile, REI
Major companies such as REI , Amazon and eBay have multiple apps across multiple devices, taking advantage of both commerce and non-commerce apps. REI’s goal is to educate and inspire people on the outdoors, with unique apps that provide a tool with a specific function (e.g. REI Snow Report app). These multiple apps are a great brand awareness technique that expose new potential customers to your brand.
  • Educating shoppers on the intended uses of commerce and non commerce apps
  • Differentiating these multiple apps so that customers know which to download
Jeff Klonowski

Jeff Klonowski
Senior Manager, Digital Retail - Mobile, REI

11:00 Morning Refreshment Break
Morning Refreshment Break
11:30 Small Group Roundtables
*Interactive discussions that focus on your most pressing challenges. Join two tables, each with 30 mins of discussion time
11:15 Stream A: Attribution Performance In Mobile
The attribution model has shifted drastically. It is no longer about click-throughs and purchases in the same browsing session. We need to consider performance across devices and across time, now that interaction and promotions are being served up across multiple channels.
  • Breaking down silos of channel vs.channel and digital vs.instore
  • Merging our digital teams to create an integrated internal structure
11:15 Stream B: Understanding Incrementality As A Critical Part Of The Mobile Measurement
As we see mobile growing, how much of our revenue is incremental (ie. new spend) vs. the same customers spending the same money that they would have spent instore or on desktop? Customers will interact with you through whatever medium they choose, and so we need to make sure that we have relevant experience in the areas with the highest traffic. Are customers spending additional money on the mobile site? Overall, is individual spend growing or is it just shifting?
11:15 Stream C: De-Anchoring The Desktop Based Understanding Of The Web World
While it offers many benefits, responsive design does not consider mobile as a unique channel. Retailers and brands need to rethink what a digital experience could be as we move way from ‘point and click’ towards ‘touch and swipe’; It’s not a case of scaling down your desktop site to create a similar experience. For example, if Chase bank had not thought outside the box with mobile, we would not have the ability to scan checks. How can we use mobile devices to connect with our customers in new ways.
11:15 Stream D: Encouraging App Usage And Managing Users Expectations
There are 475,000 apps on the app store- if you’re not in the top 100, how are people going to find you? From a marketing perspective, we need to do more to promote our apps and educate users on their intended use. We need to tap into the trend of customers feeling more secure and being more comfortable spending money through an app rather than a mobile website. At the same time, we need to make it easier for shoppers to find their product preferences through our apps. And prevent internal issues (e.g. a ‘shrink to fit’ mentality) from blocking the external customer experience.
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Panel: Bridging the Gap Between Brick and Mortar And Online Shopping To Create Customer Engagement Everywhere
Susan Blue, Director of Product Strategy, Ford Direct
David Yeom, VP, Marketing, The Honest Company
Franco Ruggeri, Director, CNET Mobile, CBS Interactive
Luis Sanz, Co-Founder, CTO, Olapic
The Ecommerce experience is now moving in store, with shopping happening on both sides of the counter. Retailers and brands are recognizing that a web centric approach is key as customers are investing time in researching items online then converting the sale instore. So, how do we integrate instore and online?
• Making it possible for shoppers to purchase from their mobiledevice right inside the store, including custom productconfiguration and barcode scanning
• Avoiding channel conflict and cannibalization by matching instorepricing with online pricing and overcoming the financial dilemmaof crediting instore vs. online sales
• What technologies are available to combat showrooming?
Susan Blue

Susan Blue
Director of Product Strategy, Ford Direct

David Yeom

David Yeom
VP, Marketing, The Honest Company

As Vice President of Marketing for The Honest Company, David oversees all online and offline marketing, including brand building, customer acquisition, customer retention, and communication. Prior to joining The Honest Company, David served as Head of Acquisition Marketing at HauteLook, which was acquired by Nordstrom in 2011 for $270 million. He has also served in several senior roles at eBay, Ya [read more]
Franco Ruggeri

Franco Ruggeri
Director, CNET Mobile, CBS Interactive

luis Sanz

Luis Sanz
Co-Founder, CTO, Olapic

Luis Sanz is co-founder of Olapic, a company that lets consumers become part of a brand’s visual voice by showcasing their user generated images and videos into a company’s e-commerce experience. Raised in Zaragoza, Spain, Sanz earned his Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Zaragoza, completing a thesis in active noi [read more]
2:15 Panel: Capitalizing On Both HTML5 And Native Apps To Deliver Cost Effective Content
Ed Deutscher, EVP, Digital Commerce (Emerging Platforms), HSN
Herman Radze, Principal Software Architect, HauteLook
Both HTML5 and apps are viable methods of reaching shoppers; there is no turf war between the two. From a user context perspective, an entirely different consumer often visits a mobile website compared to the consumer who downloads an app; they are at a different point along the path to purchase. HTML5 is inexpensive while apps are beneficial when you already have someone’s attention, with a clear understanding of the value of your product and presence on a mobile device.
  • • Considering HTML5 as one-mile wide & one-inch thick (huge audience, less engagement) vs. apps as one-inch wide & one-mile thick (small audience, more engagement)
  • • Striking the balance between attracting and retaining users
  • • Assessing the commitments required in launching an app
Ed Deutscher

Ed Deutscher
EVP, Digital Commerce (Emerging Platforms), HSN

As Operating Vice President for HSN’s Emerging Platforms, Ed Deutscher is responsible for guiding the business direction and technology supporting HSN’s robust mobile and connected home strategies. As a leader in transactional innovation, HSN is the only retailer to stream live HD video across three screens – television, online and mobile WB [read more]
Herman Radtke

Herman Radze
Principal Software Architect, HauteLook

3:00 End Of Mobile Shopping: The mCommerce Forum
End Of Mobile Shopping: The mCommerce Forum