25 February, 2014
Time-Life Building, Rockefeller Center, New York, NY

Main Conference Day Two

Thursday, February 28, 2013

8:00 Registration & Breakfast
Registration & Breakfast
8:45 Chairperson’s Welcome Address
Chairperson’s Welcome Address
9:00 Financial Market Quality And The Future Of Market Structure
There have been massive changes to US equity market structure since the alleged price-fixing on the Nasdaq in 1996. As a leading global authority on market structure and one of the industry’s most sought-after experts, Joe believes that today’s market is the product of a gradual,15-‐year evolution, during which government repeatedly acted in big ways and market forces repeatedly reacted accordingly. Despite the manner in which it was create, Joe believes that modern market structure generally results in better outcomes, for both retail and institutional investors, than what it replaced. This session is not to be missed.
  • Examining the changing structure of exchanges and sell side participants against the health of today’s markets
  • Assessing the rules regarding off‐exchange trading, safeguards against systemic risk and the quality of markets for shares of smaller companies
  • Determining what the decreasing number of high speed trading firms means for the future of US and global markets
  • Forecasting upcoming regulatory activity and the impact it might have on the markets and the investor
9:30 Morning Keynote Panel: Defining The New Roles Of Market Makers, Market Participants & Technology Providers
How many times have you told yourself, “If I knew then, what I know now…?” This panel is your opportunity to get a head start of the rest of the market. Our panel of industry experts will share their thoughts on the evolution of our markets and what it means for the future of equities trading.
  • Contrasting the relationships between exchanges, sell side firms and asset managers to provide an updated view of the market hierarchy
  • Exploring viable methods to promote competition among market centers and liquidity providers
  • Measuring the impact that technology has made on the markets in terms of efficiency, competition and regulation
  • Determining what the future holds for traders and the average investor in the new marketplace
10:10 Morning Refreshment & Networking Break
Morning Refreshment & Networking Break
10:50 Keynote Presentation: VC Outlook: Cutting Edge Developments In Capital Markets Technology
Doug has been an investor, founder, and senior executive in the financial technology industry for over 20 years. Doug manages venture investing at Guggenheim Partners where he runs GPMCentercourt, a fund focused primarily on financial technology. In this keynote session, Doug will share what his perspective on what technologies are getting traction in the capital markets space.
  • Understanding what types of investments are being made in the financial technology marketplace
  • Gaining insight as to which methodologies and applications in equities are crossing over to other asset classes
  • Identifying technological developments that are making the biggest impact on trade performance
  • Warning: The pitfalls and dangers
11:25 Panel: Balancing Automation With The Human Elements Of Trading
The role of the trader has shifted dramatically with the rise of automation in buy and sell side firms. We’ve seen desks shrink and margins all but disappear, but what does this mean? The trader still adds significant value to the firm, yet there are cutbacks across the industry. This panel weighs how to best balance technologies found on the buy and sell side desks with the human side of trading to help you bring the most value to your firm.
  • Is The Street too stretched? Determining the impact on your trading desk
  • What are some of the solutions?
  • How does the buy side get what they need to satisfy their PMs?
  • How does the sell side executive do more with less?
  • Combining low touch and high touch coverage efforts
  • Examining the causes for skepticism and exploring the advantages
  • Assessing new technologies that create scale
12:00 Short Selling & The Capital Markets: The NASDAQ Perspective
Frank is the Chief Economist of NASDAQ OMX Group responsible for projects and initiatives to support the markets and improve market structure. Since joining NASDAQ OMX, he has done a number of studies on NASDAQ and other markets, developed NASDAQ’s opening and closing auctions, and advised on initiatives such as the launch of the NASDAQ Options Market and NASDAQ OMX Europe. Nobody has a crystal ball to predict the future, but this session on economic growth and what lies ahead for hedge funds, investment banks, short sellers and other market players is the next best thing.
  • What does Obama’s second term mean for the economy and financial markets?
  • What will the ongoing de-leveraging process mean for financial markets moving forward?
  • What does the future look like for hedge funds, investment banks, short sellers and other market players?
  • What can companies do to more effectively position themselves as an investment opportunity amid equity market instability?
12:30 Lunch For All Attendees
Lunch For All Attendees
2:55 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Break
Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Break
4:30 End Of TradeTech 2013
End Of TradeTech 2013