Economics of New Space in Defense & Intelligence

DGI Webinar

Wednesday 14th April | 3pm-4pm BST

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The commercialisation of Space has transformed access to capabilities that were once formerly reserved for members of an exclusive International club that pioneered the Industry.

From launch to Communication, Precision Navigation and Earth Observation, New Space offers opportunities to nations and private companies like never before.  But, this leads Defence and Intelligence organisations to question how to balance the need for Sovereign control and ownership against the economy of scale offered by commercial service providers.

This panel will explore the motivations that drive Defence Organisations' ambition to pursue National Space programs and what considerations they must make when considering ROI against national security.

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    • Freedoms that New Space provides Defence and Intelligence organisations
    • The drivers behind the ambitions to build National Space Capability
    • What the economies of scale provided by commercial service providers are and the benefits
    • Insights into how New Space has impacted the US approach to Earth Observation
    • Opportunities the UK MOD sees for New Space and how it may harness its power in the future


Robert Cardillo
Former Director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (US NGA)

Sean Corbett
Retired Air Vice-Marshall CB MBE MA RAF

CEO and Founder
IntSight Global Limited

Air Commodore
Jules Ball

Head of Defence Space Capability
MoD Space Directorate

Mark Richardson,
Account Executive, Government Sales
Planet Labs

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