The Invite-Only Virtual Event for Leaders in Customer Success, Service & Support

November 17 - 18, 2020 | 12:15 - 5:10pm ET

Ben Vollmer

Global Strategy and Execution Lead Microsoft

Ben has been involved with helping companies improve their strategies around Customer Engagement and Experience for the past 25 years. In his current role, Ben is responsible for the strategy and execution of Dynamics 365 for Field Service across Microsoft. He focuses on the major opportunities to advance our Global Go-to-market efforts, including enabling Microsoft internal teams, working as a subject matter expert on our broader enablement, public speaking at Microsoft and external events as well as strategic customer engagement. Ben loves working on highly complex problems and help the executive team organize, prioritize and execute around Field Service as a part of their strategic agenda. Examples of past projects include defining and launching Connected Field Service, working with internal stakeholders in a cross group effort to drive Connected Field Service customer adoption, driving customer adoption framework as well as our overall event and external messaging strategy. Why should you connect or talk with Ben? He is a no-nonsense Field Service Leader who wants to help you maximize all three areas of Field Service, People, Process and Technology. With each of his interactions, Ben wants to insure his team takes a customer centric approach starting at your business goals and walking through the process to make sure Microsoft supports all three areas and helps you move from a Cost Center to a As A Service Center. An avid car and audio enthusiast, when Ben is not working on or around Field Service, he will be often found either turning wrenches on a vehicle or tuning an audio system for maximum enjoyment. Some of his favorite car movies include Ronin and his favorite car as a youth was a Generation One Acura Legend Coupe, which he has bought and restored.

Day One – November 17, 2020

Tuesday, November 17th, 2020

3:15 PM KEYNOTE: Connecting Field Service To End-To-End Business Processes

Field Service in many organizations has become central to how organizations offer their market differentiation. To do that, your internal IT processes and data flows must be in sync across all facets of your business. In this Question-and-Answer session, come learn from Cort Neureuther, VP of Business Systems at Pike Systems, to talk about how they deployed Dynamics 365 and connected it to their broader ecosystem of applications and data to help bring benefit to their users and allow them to differentiate in a competitive market.