The Invite-Only Virtual Event for Leaders in Customer Success, Service & Support

November 17 - 18, 2020 | 12:15 - 5:10pm ET

Jonathan Weiss

Vice President – Emerging Technologies Software AG

Jon is an innovation and technology thought leader with extensive experience in leading customer engagements. Jon has spent the last decade working with some of the world's largest companies, including Fortune 50 organizations, seeking to undergo digital transformations in their manufacturing facilities, supply chain initiatives and enterprise applications. He has a passion for helping companies reduce cost, increase efficiency and create new revenue streams by leveraging emerging technologies.

Day One – November 17, 2020

Tuesday, November 17th, 2020


1.ROUNDTABLE: Empower Technicians With Real-Time Knowledge And Parts Detail To Optimize Service Delivery

 Josh Russell, Group Director Product Management, MIZE

Customers are holding manufacturers and dealerships to very high standards and expect fast service. Technicians today more than ever, need the tools and real-time information to provide it. 

Join us for a round table discussion on how to optimize service delivery and empower and enable your service technicians with the right knowledge, parts, and tools. We will discuss:

  • First-time-fix rates and what factors are negatively impacting the completion of service jobs
  • The global service organization challenges with service knowledge consolidation
  • Simplifying access to Parts Catalogs and mobile inventory
  • Leveraging collaborative tools to ensure real-time information
  • Lessons learned from COVID in delivering services safely and efficiently 

2.ROUNDTABLE: Connected Field Service Discussing How To Do More From A Distance

Jonathan Weiss - Vice President - Emerging Technologies - Software AG 

How can field service organizations continue to deliver high quality service to their clients during a time when they're limited by the amount of in-person interactions? 

 Join our roundtable as we discuss how getting assets connected in the field can enable remote monitoring and servicing, helping to lower maintenance costs, reduce unplanned downtime and proactively address unforeseen issues. Key discussion points include:  


  • What unexpected or unforeseen challenges has the current climate presented? 
  • As a result of the evolving market, what are some new technology initiatives your organization is pursuing? 
  • In today's remote work environment, what are some challenges you see industries facing and how do you think we can fix them?


3.ROUNDTABLE: AR And The Return To Work: How Visual Assistance Improves Technician Effectiveness And Profitability Amid COVID-19

Ben Pinkerton, Vice President Product Marketing, SightCall

2020 has been a year of rapid digital transformation for field service and customer service organizations worldwide. As a result, Gartner predicts that AR technology is rapidly approaching mainstream adoption. AR-powered visual assistance helps service leaders to minimize service disruptions, maintain operations, prioritize safety and even improve profitability amid COVID-19.

This roundtable will discuss the challenges facing service organizations today. Using real use cases, we will discuss how companies like GE Healthcare and Kraft-Heinz successfully use AR visual assistance today to:

-Reduce truck rolls while improving fix rates and equipment uptime 

-Decrease technician training time while retaining tribal knowledge

-Develop new revenue streams by monetizing AR video support

-Improve the customer experience through remote repairs and remote sales