Customer experience is now the #1 business differentiator. Fortune 1000 companies are now in a race against time (and each other) to surprise customers with delightful experiences at every touchpoint.

The NGCX Virtual Event features a series of 30-minute online case studies, fire-side chats, panel discussions, and town halls from CX leaders at some of the world’s biggest companies. You’ll discover how to compel and inspire modern consumers.

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Our Speakers:

David Sturdee

David Sturdee


Pizza Hut (Europe)

Chris Helzerman

Chris Helzerman

Vice President, Performance Improvement

Kaiser Permanente

Scott Chilson

Scott Chilson

Vice President Global CX

Johnson & Johnson

Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson

Customer Experience Lead


Matthew Larson

Matthew Larson

Senior Director, Client Experience


Susan Moon

Susan Moon

Vice President, Strategy and Experience Design

Kaiser Permanente

Bill Albert

Bill Albert

Executive Director, User Experience Center (UXC)

Bentley University

Jennifer Knecht

Jennifer Knecht

Vice President Sales and Marketing


Katrina Schiedemeyer

Katrina Schiedemeyer

Supplier Development Engineering

Oshkosh Corporation

Heather Wright Karlson

Heather Wright Karlson

UX Lead

Bentley University

Sulabh Saxena

Sulabh Saxena

Director, Digital Strategy & Innovation


Brice Cheney

Brice Cheney



Jessica Buffenstein

Jessica Buffenstein

CCXP, Director of CX Consulting


Tim Furey

Tim Furey



Doug Suvalle

Doug Suvalle

VP of Omnichannel

Glassbox Digital

Radi Hindawi

Radi Hindawi

Senior Director, Global Strategic Insights


Christine Rimer

Christine Rimer

Vice President, Product Marketing and Voice of Customer


Roshni Sondhi

Roshni Sondhi

Senior Director, Customer Success


Word on the Street


“It was great! The sessions provided valuable information that you could take back and apply to your own company step by step”

Donna Elliott, Manager Customer Experience, Dr. Leonard’s Healthcare Corp


“Great format with the opportunity to hear and interact with speakers from multiple industries”

Kevin Roskopf, Director, Customer Experience,


“NGCX was a great vehicle to share and learn best practices from other practitioners and vendors alike”

Sami Nuwar, VP of Customer Experience Strategy, American Bath Group

Our Agenda

September 17th

  • 12:00 pm - 12:10 pm

    12:00 pm - 12:10 pm

    Elizabeth Robillard, Event Director, Worldwide Business Research

  • 12:10 pm - 12:35 pm

    12:10 pm - 12:35 pm

    David Sturdee, COO/CCO, Pizza Hut (Europe)

    Given the impact of coronavirus, many of you have had to complete digital transformation projects in 2 months as opposed to the two years you had them planned out for. As we work through re-opening customer facing restaurants, stores, etc in some states, it’s clear there is no going back. There is only going FORWARD. 

    • How are you going to take what you’ve learned through this process and apply it to your plans for your CX plans in the future? 
    • What digital products did you invest in during COVID that you think will continue to improve CX event after COVID is over?
    • How do you approach the new normal? 
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  • 12:35 pm - 1:00 pm

    12:35 pm - 1:00 pm

    Tim Furey, CEO, MarketBridge
    Brice Cheney, SVP, MarketBridge

    Most companies can expect the inevitable, 10-20% YoY attrition of existing buyers. But under pandemic circumstances, businesses can’t risk any additional loss, making “the customer experience” an important area of scrutiny.  Leaders must rigorously measure and track customer experience to predict which customers will defect. Those that go beyond high-level metrics like NPS and CSAT, to ID specific pain points at critical moments of truth, and establish clear insights-to-action feedback loops will succeed in idling defection and return to growth at a faster clip than the competition.

    During this session MarketBridge will cover the specific data points needed to predict at-risk-buyers. Beyond intuitive hypotheses and “assumptions,” we will share how data-backed analysis combined with qualitative insights can alter your retention curve. Learn about why a single high-level metric focus (often NPS or Customer Satisfaction) is a major pitfall, about specific case studies of CX successes and failures, specific data points that can determine loss risk, and how creating logical sales and marketing retention moves based on data-driven insights.

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  • 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm

    1:00 pm - 1:30 pm

    Chris Helzerman, Vice President, Performance Improvement, Kaiser Permanente

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  • 1:30 pm - 1:50 pm

    1:30 pm - 1:50 pm

    Radi Hindawi, Senior Director, Global Strategic Insights, InMoment

    In the last few months, our businesses have had to approach customers and employees in a new way, making experience initiatives more vital than ever. But just because we’ve begun these initiatives because of COVID, doesn’t mean we should halt them moving forward.

    Join InMoment’s Radi Hindawi, Senior Director of Global Insights for InMoment, as he presents proprietary research on your post-pandemic playbook, a collection of four specific actions your business should take in the upcoming months—and how they’ve been proven to improve your customers’ experience as well as your bottom line.

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  • 1:50 pm - 2:10 pm

    1:50 pm - 2:10 pm

    Sulabh Saxena, Director, Digital Strategy & Innovation, AT&T

    Providing a robust OMNI channel experience will be one of the key strategic pivots that will set companies apart from their competitors. Technology, People, Process, everything will have to be re-imaged to succeed in this transformation. In this session, Sulabh will discuss AT&T’s approach and tactics to build a successful OMNI channel strategy, methodology to secure internal sponsorship and preview sample use-cases.

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  • 2:10 pm - 2:30 pm

    2:10 pm - 2:30 pm

    Katrina Schiedemeyer, Supplier Development Engineering, Oshkosh Corporation

    Even if you’ve pulled up your seat to the c-suite table and have engaged your frontline with trainings and positive motivation, you still can’t call your company completely customer centric. In order to be able to fully transform, you must have buy-in from every department, not just from the higher-ups and your frontline. Your legal team, your finance teams, your operations teams, etc all need to know why changes to the company are being made and how they can get onboard to help. Join this session to hear:

    • How to establish training programs on key CX principles that can be taken by any one at the organization
    • Identify business leaders in various departments to take these trainings first so they can act as ambassadors for customer experience efforts and lead the charge for the rest of the company to get involved
    • Helping those in departments not close to the customer understand their role and how they should think about it given your company’s commitment to the customer
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  • 2:30 pm - 2:50 pm

    2:30 pm - 2:50 pm

    Roshni Sondhi, Senior Director, Customer Success, Zendesk

    • What are the ways in which brands currently incorporate their customer’s voice into their CX programs? Is there a real sense of empathy when you are just looking at your customers through the lens of a NPS score or CSAT score?

    • What are the first steps brands can take to inject real empathy for customer’s into their organization? What cross functional team members or leadership executives should you be trying to build this sense of empathy with?

    • What are some of the tools CX professionals could use to turn their customer from a data point to a human that will move the needle of customer centricity within their business?

    • How can this genuine sense of empathy for your customer move your business in the right direction? What ROI or business results might you use to prove the impact of this empathy?
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  • 2:50 pm - 3:20 pm

    2:50 pm - 3:20 pm

    Scott Chilson, Vice President Global CX, Johnson & Johnson
    Matthew Larson, Senior Director, Client Experience, Optum
    Susan Moon, Vice President, Strategy and Experience Design, Kaiser Permanente
    Doug Suvalle, VP of Omnichannel, Glassbox Digital

    Enterprise organizations across the globe are reshaping the digital narrative by creating customer journeys that merge elements of in-person experiences with new digital technologies. Leveraging an omni-channel strategy and comprehensive data analytics to foster a personalized user experience is not only a business-boosting strategy to gain brand recognition in a saturated market, but it is also the new imperative to maintain moments of customer delight in the digital age. What are the unique CX issues impacting users today, and how can transforming designs for the digital journeys of today impact experiences both online and offline in the future? Join Glassbox and global CX experts for a panel discussion covering:

    • Changes seen to-date with digital adoption, including web, mobile, and digital services fluctuations, and what they expect will be imperative for future transformation
    • Why and how to place customer delight at the center of all business strategies to create a unified customer experience from brick-and-mortar to web and mobile
    • Strategies to analyze the unique CX issues facing global enterprises from a strategic, financial, organizational, and cultural vantage
    • Best practices in designing a holistic digital journey based on global trends & technologies
    • Comprehensive omni-channel tactics to get back on the path to recovery in a world post-pandemic
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  • 3:20 pm - 3:50 pm

    3:20 pm - 3:50 pm

    Scott Wilson, Customer Experience Lead, FedEx
    Jessica Buffenstein, CCXP, Director of CX Consulting, Confirmit

    • What does your CX leadership team look like?
    • How were they chosen? What/who are they in charge of?
    • What decision making power does your CX team have over the rest of the business?
    • What stakeholders or key business partners are also involved in CX decisions?
    • Do you have a steering committee of leaders across the different customer facing functions? If not, how do those stakeholders tie in together?
    • What influence do you have on instilling the mission and relevance of CX over all departments (from frontline to marketing to HR to operations to IT, etc)?
    • Do you have programs in place to keep CX momentum strong across the org?
    • How do you decide on the actions your CX leadership should take/projects they should work on?
    • How do you prioritize the pain points that should be fixed or the new products/services to design?
    • What goals or metrics are in place for your CX organization?
    • How were those decided?
    • How often are those being revisited?
    • What amount of organizational change management have you needed in order to put this framework into place? 
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  • 3:50 pm - 4:10 pm

    3:50 pm - 4:10 pm

    Bill Albert, Executive Director, User Experience Center (UXC), Bentley University
    Heather Wright Karlson, UX Lead, Bentley University

    When working at improving the user experience it is easy to get stuck focusing on design details or usability performance on a few key tasks. While this is no doubt critical, it makes it more difficult to see the big picture of the overall experience. We will be introducing a new approach to measure the overall experience. Collecting usability, emotional experience, design, and brand experience data together provides an opportunity to get a clearer picture of the overall experience.

    We will be introducing a new scorecard taking into account four critical aspects of an experience: usability, emotional experience, design, and brand. Furthermore, the experience score will be tailored to what matters most to each individual. The result is an experience scorecard that is both comprehensive and personalized, with data collected in a lean, budget friendly way. We will demonstrate how this experience scorecard can be used to answer four important questions that many organizations struggle to have clarity on:

    1) What is the overall experience like for our customers?

    2) What matters most about the experience to our customers?

    3) What aspects do we need to improve?

    4) How do we compare to our competition? 

    Key Learnings: There will be three key learnings:

    • Learn the value of seeing the big picture through an overall experience scorecard
    • Learn about different ways to measure and visualize the overall experience with a digital product
    • Learn how leverage an experience scorecard within your organization to drive change
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  • 4:10 pm - 5:00 pm

    4:10 pm - 5:00 pm

    Jennifer Knecht, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Immanuel

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  • 4:55 pm - 5:00 pm

    4:55 pm - 5:00 pm

  • 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

    5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

    Christine Rimer, Vice President, Product Marketing and Voice of Customer, SurveyMonkey

    Table One: Creating Customer Journey Maps that Drive Results

    Led by: Christine Rimer, VP, Customer Experience & Advocacy at SurveyMonkey

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