The Fully Integrated Supply Chain – From Demand to Payment

Part of The LogiChem Webinar Series

Thursday 15th April, 3pm BST

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Supply chain management and supply chain finance cannot be separated. The synchronized flow of goods and finances will be supported by ever-evolving technology to help you create a fully integrated supply chain. In this free webinar with Orbit Logistics and Azhos, find out how customer-centricity and collaboration will increase performance, growth and, most importantly, profitability and support the circular economy.

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  • Robust and Digitized Processes 
  • IIoT, smart Silos and smart Contracts
  • End2End Visibility, Resilient Supply Chain, Increased performance, Customer centricity
  • Auditability, Security and Governance in Supply Chain Finance with autonomous payments


Dr. Silvio Stephan

Orbit Logistics

Tony Oehm

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