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Vendors Content Only

  • Vendors Content Only

All free passes are reserved solely for procurement practitioners and are carefully vetted. If you register and do not meet the below requirements, your pass *will* be cancelled and you may not be informed.

Who is eligible for a complimentary procurement professional pass:

‘Procurement Practitioners’ are any end user client who are CPOs, Global/Head/Director/Manager of Procurement from a large global company.

Any firm that have procurement clients of their own, such as technology vendors, platforms, professional services, do not fall into the definition of a ‘procurement practitioner’.

You can review our full cancellation and substitution policy, as well as data protection guidelines here.

If you are unable to travel to the event, (and notify Worldwide Business Research Limited in writing not less than 8 days prior to the event) due to either government enforced travel restriction in relation to COVID 19 or due to your company policies in relation to COVID 19 (where you are able to provide proof of your company’s ban on travel due to COVID 19), then a no show fee will not be charged.