It has come to our attention that some of our sponsors/exhibitors have been contacted by third parties offering to sell lists of conference attendees, or to make travel and accommodation arrangements for their attendance at the event. Please be aware that these third parties are not authorized, and have no relationship with WBR or the event. WBR has reason to believe that the offers made by these third parties are fraudulent.

WBR will provide conference lists to its sponsors/exhibitors in accordance with the term of their contracts, and as part of the sponsorship investment fee. Any third party demanding an additional fee for such lists is not authorized, does not have access to the conference list, and is likely selling fraudulent and inaccurate information. WBR cannot assume any responsibility for such lists, and sponsors/exhibitors bear the risk that the data may be inaccurate and/or not in compliance with applicable data privacy laws. Similarly, any third party offering to make travel and accommodation arrangements for an exhibitor is not authorized by WBR, and any reservations made through such party will not be part of the discounted rate WBR has negotiated for its attendees.

Should you be contacted by one of these third-party scams, please let WBR know promptly.