How To Generate Leads And Fill Your Sales Pipeline, Right Now

Marketing budgets are tighter than ever and usually the first to go in difficult times. So the challenge of lead generation becomes even greater when your options are limited. You are likely putting most of your time and resources towards email campaigns, PPC, advertising and possibly even social media outreach.

But as the one responsible for choosing where budget is allocated, you should know, virtual event sponsorship will be your best option for optimizing ROI and setting your sales team up for success.

Investing in virtual events gets high quality leads into the hands of your sales team faster and positions your brand as an industry thought leader to a qualified audience of executive decision makers. Most of all, it is happening RIGHT NOW. While the world is navigating a new normal, virtual events are happening every day. Audience levels are soaring and business meetings are thriving.

So, if you're still on the fence about spending valuable budget on a virtual event, below are just six of the most amazing reasons it will be the best decision for the success of your company this year.



The survival of your business is at stake and the number one thing you need right now are contacts to fill your sales team's pipeline. Good news - virtual event registration and live attendance has NEVER been higher.

In fact, virtual events are seeing almost triple the attendees compared to this time last year.


Because it is accessible from the comfort of your home office. The economy is not at a standstill just because we are in lockdown. Your audience is actively seeking high level content and solutions to some of the biggest (and newest) challenges that will help move their businesses forward again.



One-track sessions means all eyes on your brand over hundreds or even thousands of monitors for 20-30 minutes. With strategic logo placement on the presentation screen, popups, and push notifications, your brand will remain front of mind and catch the eyes of the viewers while you have their undivided attention.

Don't forget that your name, company and product are getting promoted throughout an entire digital marketing campaign. The event's marketing team will include your company in all pre and post event promotions through several marketing channels including email, social and web traffic. This is exposure at unrivaled levels.



The current climate has attendees looking for answers, support and someone to move their businesses forward. This is your chance to be the hero. Virtual events allow you the opportunity to position your brand as an industry leader through product demonstrations and real time success stories.

Now is the time to prove to your target market that your product can provide them with the answers to make their processes run better.



This is your time to shine!

More than ever, industry leaders, decision makers and buyers alike are all paying attention. Every industry has been impacted by current events and are in desperate need of solutions. They have new challenges to overcome and very limited resources for answers. Virtual events are the top go-to options for your target market.

And since they're working from the comfort of their own homes, they've got minimal distractions. With the economy moving forward again, businesses now have the budget to purchase solutions. They just need your guidance to help them make the right decision.



It should come as no surprise that more people register then show up live. I'm sure you've fallen victim to this as well. But that's no problem for virtual events as your session will automatically be converted into digital content, shared with the full registration database, and be available for your unlimited use. It's a win-win situation. And the best part is that it enhances your brand awareness while getting more leads into your pipeline with every login to the video and download of the content.

Overall, virtual events are gaining serious momentum and not going away any time soon. Give your team the chance to make genuine connections with the decision makers that matter and start business conversations that can lead to future deals. You'll expose your brand to thousands of buyers and build a solid contact list to keep your business moving forward.

Worldwide Business Research (WBR) has virtual events aligning with nearly every industry and guaranteed to have a market for your solutions.

In the end, we are all navigating this new normal together and want to get back to business as usual. WBR Virtual events are offering you and your sales team a sponsorship opportunity to make that happen while not letting your budget go to waste.

If you are looking to get involved, check out our comprehensive list of WBR developed and produced virtual events at