Buying translation services?
Avoid common pitfalls and reduce hidden cost

A ProcureCon Indirect Webinar

Thursday 13th May, 10am-11am BST

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We all want to save costs, and when it comes to translation, per word rates and automation are often the front-runners. But a more thoughtful approach will reduce overall cost and increase business value - far exceeding what could be achieved by shaving a few pennies.

In this webinar, Armand Brevig, Managing Director at Procurement Cube, will share the benefits of his experience leading a multi-million translation-sourcing project for a global pharmaceutical company. A project that successfully consolidated 150 suppliers to only 3 and which led to substantial cost reductions and a range of additional business benefits.

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    • How translation seems a commodity-like service, but is in fact, not a commodity at all.
    • Why a simple consolidation approach is a false economy.
    • Where are cost optimisation opportunities are really hidden.
    • The value in investing in a strategic relationship with a translation supplier?

Featured Speakers

Rachel Lindel

Business Architecture Practice Director

Armand Brevig
Managing Director
Procurement Cube

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