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The High Street is Dead (Long Live The High Street) [WHITEPAPER]

Hundreds of brick and mortar stores have been throwing down their shutters for good, altering the landscape of the high street drastically. The latest research report from WBR and Valitor features findings from 300 senior executives at major European retailers. The resulting report aims to retrace the steps that led to these mass closures, while exploring how the surviving retailers can go back to basics with their strategy, to pinpoint and exploit the true value of their in-store experience

[On-Demand Webinar] Increasing Conversion with Conversational AI

Meeting the high expectations of the modern shopper has never been more challenging. Consumers are confronted with a vast range of products, but choice doesn’t always equal conversion. The latest research shows that 56% of consumers have abandoned a website purchase because it was too difficult to find the right product. Find out how to use AI-powered digital assistants to offer consumers a conversational and frictionless service, and discover a scalable way to increase engagement and conversion by up to 107%.

The Age of Assistance: How Machine Learning Makes Sense of Consumer Identity, Intent, and Context

Machine learning technology is helping world-leading travel and hospitality companies discover, sort, display, and recommend personalized content at every customer touchpoint. In this report, we measure the industry’s maturity in realizing machine-driven messaging and assistance, leveraging machine learning for marketing and media initiatives, and driving business value.

Know before you grow – Applying predictive analytics to your branch transformation strategy

Retail-bank customers are relying more and more on banking through digital means. Now more than ever, banks and credit unions must find ways to keep up by transforming their branch networks.If physical branches are going to survive, they need to provide the customer an exceptional experience: branches need to be convenient, well designed, offer the right level of services and be staffed appropriately.Join the experts from Pitney Bowes and Momentum to learn how to fine-tune your branch transformation strategy. This session will focus on the data and analytics needed to optimize your branch network and explore the importance of branch design to not only engage your customers, but to keep and retain valuable employees.

Adapting to the New Liquidity Landscape: A 2019 Report

In the face of a liquidity drought, equities traders are delving deeper into new technologies and alternative sources to keep their firms competitive. This everchanging landscape has seen a host of new regulations to keep up with. In Q4 of 2018, WBR Insights surveyed 100 Heads of Trading from across Europe to find out more about the challenges they face and the innovative solutions they bring to the table.